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Economic Benefits & Environmental Impact


Energy self-sufficient street lighting.


No electricity costs.Minimal installation costs.


Unique and aesthetically appealing.

Advanced technology

Vertical power tube PV-module, latest LED technology.


High protection grade (IP65) for all parts,failsafe LED design. IK09 for LED glass parts.

Smart control

Self-learning energy management,customized light profile.

Reduced set-up cost

No major earthworks and laying of cables requied.

Minimal operating and maintenance works

Low maintenance,long-lasting.

Environmentally friendly

No light pollution, zero CO2 emissions.


High protection grade (IK9).


Ready to install a camera.

Service Box

Easy Setup, maintenance and management via portable device and WiFi.

Surveillance & Monitoring Systems

  • 192° IP-Camera with super wide lens
  • Remote access video
  • Remote control and maintenance
  • Security alert
  • Discreet integration
  • Remote wireless communication and energy management
  • Battery use optimization
  • Statistical analysis
  • Status alerts